AmigaGuide A HyperText Documentation System
Copyright 1989-1994 Commodore-Amiga, Inc.

AmigaGuide provides a system-standard for on-line hypertext documentation. Developers can incorporate AmigaGuide into their applications to offer full context-sensitive help to the user.

An AmigaGuide window consist of a tool bar containing frequently used navigation aids and a view into the current node of the hypertext database. Figure 1 provides an example of what a typical AmigaGuide window looks like.


AmigaGuide features include:

  • Supports a truly hierarchical hypertext database.

  • Dynamic node host feature provides the application developer with the ability to incorporate live application data into their help system.

  • Multi-level table of contents.

  • Unlimited history of nodes visited, allowing a complete path retrace.

  • Rich hypertext support.

  • Supports multiple font attributes.

  • Sophisticated paragraph layout.

  • Allows links to be made to external AmigaGuide or text files.

  • Clipboard support.

  • Multi-colored text support.

  • Advanced scripting support via ARexx.

  • Utilizes DataTypes to provide picture, sound and animation support.

AmigaGuide is currently available for the Amiga and requires a minimum of AmigaDOS 1.3.

ARexx is a trademark of Wishful Thinking, Inc.
Amiga, AmigaDOS, AmigaGuide and DataTypes are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.

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