David N. Junod
881 West State Rd Ste 140-301
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
A well-rounded, talented, self-motivated leader with a long and consistent history of delivering a wide range of marketable products.
Partnership or contract software technical position with leading edge companies.
work experience
Reality Check, Inc. ™ , Mountain View, CA & Pleasant Grove, UT
Jan. 1993 — Present Founder
Mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows 7/8.
  • QABuild.Tools ™ — Design and implementation of QABuild.tools, a series of project management tools, in plug-in form, that make project management tasks such as Quality Assurance, Build and Release management, much easier.
  • ViddyDo ™ — Design and implementation of ViddyDo, a video editing app geared towards drone videographers. Available soon for iOS on Apple App Store. Written in Objective-C.
  • RCI LogMinds ™ — Design and implementation of LogMinds, a framework that enables cross-platform analytics & logging for Android, iOS & OSX applications. Includes a PHP server and MySQL database component.
  • RCI AppShell ™ — Design and implementation of AppShell, a C# framework that enables cross-platform app development for Android and iOS.
  • Where's the Karaoke? ™ — Mobile app for locating venues to sing karaoke. WTK? available for iOS on Apple App Store, WTK? available for Android on Google Play. Written in C# using the RCI AppShell cross-platform framework.
  • wtkJams — Personal kiosk for the kJams Karaoke server software. Three versions: wtkJams, wtkJams Lite and wtkJams KE, are available on the Apple App Store. Written in C# using MonoTouch. Uses LogMinds for analytics.
  • Time : Minds ™ — Simple time-line oriented app for tracking income, expenses, ideas, projects and more. Available on OSX and iOS. Written in C# using Mono.Mac and MonoTouch. Uses LogMinds for analytics.
Contract and custom programming on a variety of systems.
  • Owlet Baby Care — Work on the interface to the Owlet hardware on both iOS and Android.
  • Ayla Networks — Delivered a full-featured multi-threaded, networking SDK including unit tests and an engineering demo app, an extensible IoT application framework with easily branded app, and several customer applications on iOS and Android for fortune 100 customers.
  • Amazon Lab126 — Worked on several components for the first Amazon Fire device.
  • Microsoft Corporation — Informal project leader for porting UltimateTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) components to MSTV TVPAK2.12 (TV extensions for Windows CE) for TVCabo.   DVR Engine, device driver interface for input & output devices, Broadcast Services (BCS) modifications, API design & documentation, scriptable COM interface.   MPEG2 & Transport Stream parsing.   CE platform modifications.
  • Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. — Video Gambling software for Windows 9x/NT/2000 using DirectX (DirectPlay, DirectDraw, Direct3D and DirectAnimation) and TCP/IP.   TCP/IP server for hosting game terminals, distributing deal data, runner cash in/out and accounting.   TCP/IP client for game terminals.
  • Zortec International — Several different enhancements to the run-time of their 4GL COBOL alternative, System Z ™ .   Design & development of thin-client TCP/IP server, runtime host, and clients including:  Windows client, Java client and ActiveX client.   Design & development of Custom HTTP server and runtime host that provides a web interface for System Z.   ODBC interface.   zService which wraps any Windows 95/98/NT exe into a service.
  • Viejas Casino — Video Gambling software for Windows 95 using DirectX (DirectDraw and Direct3D) and TCP/IP.   TCP/IP server for hosting game terminals.   TCP/IP client for game terminals.   New game development, including Keno, Bingo and Slots.   Device driver for custom PCI I/O card, serial interfaces for LED sign and bill acceptor.   Maintenance and development for Amiga-based video gambling machine.
  • Interactive Entertainment Limited (at Harrah's Entertainment) — Video Gambling software for Windows 3.1 and UNIX for the MASC equipment used for in-flight entertainment.   Games included Poker, Blackjack and Slots.
  • Deluxe Corporation — Worked on the Printovation project.   Developed client portion of a client/server interface on Windows 95 using MSVC++ 2.2 and MFC, utilizing serial and TCP/IP communications.   Wrote custom Setup utility using MSVC++ 2.2 and MFC.   Designed and developed the Disk Order Processor.
  • MLD — Developed a vertical-market Windows (3.1/95/NT) application for the banking industry using MSVC++ 2.2, Windows SDK, MFC and ODBC.
  • ATL — Developed portions of a vertical-market application for medical institutions utilizing Amiga SAS C and a propietary object-oriented system.
  • Design and implementation of ZedREXX ™ , a GUI command server for REXX developers.
Duff Lite, Sunnyvale, CA.
Jul. 2013 — Present Partner, iOS & Android developer
Mobile software development: iOS and Android, components to full application/system designs and implementation, various application sectors such as fitness, payment, content browsing, video, location, etc.
PayPal (ebay inc), San Jose, CA.
Mar. 2013 — Jul. 2013 Member Technical Staff
PayPal's Wallet mobile app for Android.
Duff Research (acquired by ebay inc), Sunnyvale, CA.
May 2011 — Mar. 2013 Sr. Software Engineer
Mobile apps for Android and iPhone. Insight for Mac OSX.
Microsoft Corporation, Mountain View, CA.
Jul. 2001 — Apr. 2011 Sr. Software Design Engineer
  • Xbox Client - New TV2 client supporting the latest Xbox features.
  • Mediaroom Scalability - Major contributor to the rewrite of the Mediaroom Scalability Test framework.
  • TV2 (IPTV/Mediaroom) - Metadata team working on dense guide code for the client & server, Listings updater, memory & performance enhancements, delivery agent, bouquets and several tools such as the Listings Explorer.
  • Foundation Edition - Content engine (TCT), designed & developed TCTShell used for editing & previewing TCT, designed & developed MSTVWC used for scraping a web site and converting to TCT, designed & developed a system for remote access to a set-top-box.
  • MSTV Advanced - DVR Engine, scriptable COM interface for DVR, system software for TVCabo, device driver interface for video input & output devices, Broadcast Services (BCS) modifications, MPEG2 & Transport Stream parsing, CE platform modifications, DTVDDI and MPEG2 drivers, lead developer for MSTV Advanced LatAm.
  • PreReqCheck - Invented and developed a system for analyzing an environment to determine if it has all the prerequisites for running an application. When run, creates a compressed log file that contains all the calls & results made to determine the state of the system. The log can then be replayed on a developers system in order to further analyze issues.
  • Tools - LUA source code browser, setup build system to run Visual Studio Unit Tests and report on failures, tool for new project creation & maintenance, generate JPEG images during the build process that include build information, GUI log viewer that works with all the different MR log formats, scriptable window snapshot tool.
AladdinSoft Media, LLC. ™ , Lexington MA.
Jul. 1998 — Jul. 2000 Co-Founder/Developer
Working remote from Evans, GA.  Developed interactive promotional screen saver, MyGenie ™ .   Includes world-time clock, NTP client, calendar, and scheduling.   Security wrapper for audio, video, movies and still images.   Active Movie source and effect filters.   Interact with HTTP server to provide registration data, check for updates and events.   COM-style application plug-ins.   User-interface skin support.   Automated resource editor.   MSIIS logfile analysis, ODBC data integration and SMTP mailing list manager.
Designed and developed utility for handling ESPN SportsTicker ™ data from a dedicated telephone line.   Converts raw SportsTicker ™ data into RTF and mirrors to web site for use by MyGenie ™ .   Developed MyGenie Sports Edition ™ for New England Patriots Cheerleaders.
Ipswitch, Inc., Augusta, GA
Jan. 1997 — Jan. 1998 Software Developer
  • FTP client that integrates into Windows 95 Explorer using the Name Space COM interface.   Bundled with WS_FTP.
  • Portions of the WS_Ping user interface.
  • I-Mail configuration utility using MFC.   Consists of a two-pane window with a tree-view on the left and variable property sheets on the right.
  • LDAP server for I-Mail using C++.
International Technical Systems, Inc., Murfreesboro, TN
Jan. 1995 — Jul. 1995 Video Software Engineering Manager
Jun. 1994 — Dec. 1994 Video Software Engineer
A short-lived start-up by Si Redd, the founder of IGT, based out of Las Vegas, NV.   Designed and developed real-time embedded-software for the Video Gambling industry.
  • Watcom C++ on custom 486 hardware.
  • SAS C for a custom I/O board attached to an Amiga 500 motherboard.
  • Developed internal support tools under Windows 3.1 using MSVC++ and MFC.
  • Implemented graphic, animation and audio drivers, communication protocols for linked games, machine configuration and new game development.
  • Worked with NGCB and GLI (gambling regulation boards) for approval of the software component.
  • Managed group of software engineers
  • Interfaced with hardware and software consultants.
Commodore International Services Co., West Chester, PA
Dec. 1993 — Jun. 1994 Section Head—User Interface Group, Amiga OS Development
Oct. 1992 — Dec. 1993 Senior Software Engineer, Amiga OS Development
Oct. 1991 — Oct. 1992 Software Engineer, Amiga OS Development
Oct. 1989 — Oct. 1991 User Interface Standards Engineer, CATS
  • Maintained Intuition ™ , the base-level user-interface component of the Amiga Operating System.
  • Design and implementation of DataTypes ™ , an object-oriented system for handling real-time multimedia (audio, graphic, animation and video) data.
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of many utilities and modules bundled with the Amiga, such as the Icon Editor and the CD-Audio player for the consumer-level CD-based computer system.
  • Close working relationship with several key developers, providing technical and user-interface design assistance.
  • Contributed many technical articles on Amiga programming and user-interface practices.
  • Given many public presentations at International Developer's conferences in Paris, Atlanta, Denver, Milan and Orlando.
  • Design and implementation of the highly acclaimed AmigaGuide ™ hypertext system.
  • Design and implementation of a sophisticated reusable user-interface component library.
  • Designed AppBuilder, a graphical application design and development tool.
  • Design and implementation of AppShell, an object-oriented application development framework.
  • Key contributor to the state of the art in Amiga user-interface from 1989 to 1994.
  • Responsible for the Amiga User Interface Style Guide published by Addison-Wesley, interfaced with key developers, wrote the majority of the guidelines and coordinated the review process.   Still available from Amazon.com (also see this interesting review)
Eastern Management Systems Inc., Syracuse, NY
Jun. 1987 — Sep. 1989 Senior Business Consultant
Advanced Automated Systems Inc. (acquired by Eastern Management Systems Inc), Highland, IL
Aug. 1986 — Jun. 1987 Partner
Automation Plus Inc., St. Louis, MO
Jan. 1985 — Aug. 1986 President
Jul. 1984 — Jan. 1985 Software Developer
From July 1984 to September 1989, was responsible for the design, development, maintenance, installation, training and support of a number of vertical market systems.
The main system, with installations all across the United States, was for office machine dealers.   This system was used to maintain service and supply contracts, technician dispatching, order entry, billing, inventory and other accounting needs.
  • Managed a developer and support group of up to twenty people.
  • Interfaced with clients to design custom vertical market applications.
  • Manned booth at trade shows, including COMDEX and NOMDA conventions.
  • Involved in product demonstrations.
  • Designed company image, product brochures and trade show booth layout.
  • Designed end-user training and support programs.
  • Wrote technical and end-user documentation.
  • Designed and implemented systems for Injection Mold Scheduling, Job Accounting, Manufacturing Inventory, Patient Accounting, Sales Lead Management, Sales Prospecting and others.
  • Designed and implemented an application generator that was used for all our application development. Used to define data files, data entry forms and generate complete applications.
  • Designed and implemented a user-interface tool kit for application development.
Graduated January 1985 from Sanford-Brown Business College, St. Louis, MO, with an Associates Degree in Systems Analyst Computer and Management.
technical skills
Current Operating Systems: OS X, iOS, Android, Windows 7/8, and Linux.
Current Programming Languages: C#, C++, C, Objective-C, PHP, Java, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3.
personal skills & interests
Artistic abilities, both in graphics and music.   Enjoy reading, driving, photography, and watching movies.   Tinker with electronics & embedded systems.
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